Hello my name is Greg Shelton, I am a fourth generation native of Western North Carolina. I have personally been anticipating the legalization of Cannabis in this state for many years now.


There are several reasons I want to be involved in the Industrial Hemp program in NC. The main one being I would like to help out the farmers in the area by spreading the knowledge I have with the plant. Most farmers here are planting hemp like a field crop, however I believe to produce the best medicine Hemp must be “grown” and not “planted”


I have seen personaly the medical benefits of this plant. I have also spent the last ten years learning and growing plants very similar to hemp, and see how these methods can be used to bring the hemp

plant to its fullest potential. These plants must be cared for every day by someone who know how to and when to manipulate the different stages of growth to produce both effectively and efficiently.


I see the growth potential in this market to absolutely huge, not only for this state but also for the entire country.

I want to break into this sunrise industry so as to establish myself and my techniques early on.

Partner / Master Grower 

California and Colorado

Partner / Designer / Cloner / Cropper / Trimmer

Basically I am an outdoorsy, Atlanta native, graphic designer with a green thumb and a heart for cannabis. I've worked in advertising and design along with gardening my entire adult life. I am a former agency designer, Illustrator and creative director. I've worked all-around for over 3 decades with some top named clients. Now and FINALLY I get the fun and honor of creating all of our branding, merchandising, videos, etc. with  dear friends.  Not to mention in one of the most beautiful, healing places in the world. I get to help people by working with my favorite plant in the world and with some of the best humans I know. All of our goals is to grow Asheville's best quality, best tasting CBD.  Long term. 

Check out my other life if you'd like.



I planted my first seed in the early 60's. It was in Atlanta, in our hard, red clay apartment's dirt, right next to the backdoor.

It grew!  Not well, not for long....but I've never stopped growing since. When my great grandmother showed me how to produce entire plants with cuttings, I became a plant hoarder. It's a "sickness". Greg Shelton and I met in 2009 and I could see he was "sick" too. Very hard times and a bit desperate times for us both. I'm certain that is part of why we're so close today. During that time in western North Carolina we worked several gardens. I was sharing my old school, traditional techniques and Greg just blew my ever-loving mind. We developed a great friendship through struggling, working, growing, paradigm shifting, sharing and learning together. Failing and succeeding. Rinse and repeat. He taught me the term “Dialing it in.” And that is what Greg is continually accomplishes with his plants. Always learning. Always improving!

Greg and I have been dreaming and talking about growing together for over 10 years. Here I am. Living part-time in heaven, cloning, gardening, advertising and building a dream. Our company and each product needs a new logo, a new story and new marketing. That's where I come in. I'm excited about all of the new products happening now, as well as all of the new branding we're working on. Right now we are all excited about our first harvest this Fall.     

A long time ago I had a passion and a dream...

...what I do have are a very particular set of skills. 

Skills I have acquired over a very long career.